Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My First Weddingcake!!!

  So here is my first weddingcake! I only decorated it as the actual cake was ordered from Marks&Spencers. It was great as I could concentrate completely on decorations.

As I was saying in my previous post last week was busy! We were able to go to Jersey just outside of the coast of France for the wonderful wedding of Nicks best friend and his now wife :-)! They basically gave me free reign except the colours hich they wanted Burgondy and Gold. I Had finished the stripes and put the whole cake together(with dowling this time.. I learnt my lesson from last time).. when I realised they didn't have a cake topper.. so I quickly had to think of something to put on top of the cake. The Ringbearer who is the Grooms son, carried the rings on this bookmark inside a book (basically like the book on the cake). This was because the whole wedding had a bit of a Litterary theme. The Tables weren't numbered, they had the names of Authors... I was lucky enough to sit at the Austen table(she just happens to be one of my favourite Authors). So I thought that a book on top of the cake would fit in perfectly! It did!

After I had finished the book and the rings I still felt there was something missing. I had been planning on doing Roses anyway, but didn't think I would have the time... I had next to NO time to decorate this cake. Not incomparison to the time I would normally have wanted to take. So when I found out I still had an hour to go I threw together the roses! They couldn't have been more fitting. I am very happy with the result! I hope there will be more weddingcakes to come! I loved doing it!

 This was the extra cake, just incase there wouldn't be enough from the main cake. It wasn't even supposed to be on the table. I piped some decorations on it aftre I sprayed it in Gold and put the beading on. But my plan was to paint the piping with gold paint.. but time quite simply ran out.. But it doesn't look too bad. They decided to put it on the table anyway, so it couldn't have looked tooo bad!

 Me and my First Weddingcake :-)!!!
 Some of the Gorgeous decorations!
My Table!

Pete and Alex!

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