Saturday, 15 October 2011

Angry Birds Individual Cakes!

 So My Wonderful Mother-in-law has her birthday in 2 hours!
She absolutely LOVES angry birds so naturally i make her an angry birds cake for her birthday :-).

Each of the birds is an individual cake. The cake sponge itself is crumbled and mixed with enough frosting until it JUST comes together(otherwise the cake wont hold it's shape). You can choose whatever sponge you want. When I make a cake I usually save the carved off bits and freeze them. then I'll use them for cake pops etc. perfect! Then I brush them with desired moist cream(jam, chocolate spread, peanut butter etc..) and cover with the rolled icing. 

We literally ate some of it 10 mins ago and it is Yummy( I had a pig)! Truffled cake :-)! If any of you have every made Cake pops before it's kinda like that!

I think this is my favourite Piggy :-)!

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