Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Harry Potter Cake (Very original title I know..)

Harry Potters syllabus!
Ok so maybe not the entire syllabus, but we have "a history of magic" and a potions book.. 
a good friend of mine wanted my help with her sons birthday cake, so she made the sponges and I ended up decorating it. She was going to have her whole family over to celebrate her sons birthday so she had plenty on her mind and hands anyway. I was happy I was able to help! I excuse the quality of the photos as I wanted natural light and not to use the flash.. but because I did, they are a little smudged. 
 It was quite a big cake. More impressive in stature in real life. I could not have done it had it not been for my trusted helper Carrie(Birthday-boys son)! She thought I was just helping her with the cake... I have a bit of a problem... I tend to take over when it comes to cakes... I just LOVE making them :-)! So I hope she can forgive me for going a bit overboard! I am guessing she can since she had quite a lot else to do to prepare for his birthday.
 What Harry Potter cake is complete without a snitch?!?! Not this one! My edible Gold paint did the trick again!
 So If you manage to find all these things then you will be able to make Polyjuice potion! Use it responsibly ;-)!
 Can you spot the fault?!?! It says "I Solemly swear I am up to JUST good!"
 I love it how the corners come off slightly (I was working hard for this not to happen as I was having problems getting the sugarpaste to stick to the bottom of the cake). The reason I now like it is because it kinda makes it look like one of those old soft leather journals. I feel like I could have improved on the tassels on the scarf. but time didn't allow for perfection!
 Hope you can see that this is supposed to be Gryffindors emblem :-)... as in a Lion! Since I got that edible gold paint for the weddingcake I have just itched to use it again!

I really do like how the pages turned out. The key is inconsistency! as I am sticking the strings of sugarpaste on I pull and bunch them to make the pages uneven. In an old book the pages would never evenly come out. They will get worn and ripped (specially a kids schoolbook like this one).

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  1. Fy vad häftigt! Gissa om barnen här ser fram emot att du kommer...