Monday, 24 October 2011

Happy Halloween... COOKIES!


I made some Halloween cookies last year and I remember spending 2 full days on them! This time I made these in an evening! I must say i have come a far way(as in I know a bit more of what I'm doing)! Even though looking back I think that last years were a lot more detailed this years look a lot more uniformed and cohesive. It was also the first time I tried using cream of tartar as a raising agent! It made the cookies a little chewy which I really liked! The other first was the sugar rim. I iced the whole cookie in either white, orange or black then  used the same colour and made the outlines when the first layer had dried. I then(as fast as possible) poured sugar over the wet icing. for the pumpik ones I made orange sugar for extra effect! I would love to put the recipe on here, but not sure of the copyrights etc. Does anyone know? If I make sure to mention where I got the recipe from am I ok to post it on here?
A very happy pumkin!
A very sceptical Bat!
Scary Ghost?


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