Monday, 3 October 2011

Do Dentists and Cupcakes go well together?!?!

So Last week was insane!!!
I don't know how I managed it but I filled 2 cake orders and still had time to go on holiday! Mind, one of the cakes was actually made on my holiday.. but still! I'll tell you about that cake in my next post..

On to the title of my post....

My husband works as a Chiropractor out of a very Nice Private Dental Clinic called Douglas Lee Associates. They recently had one of their long term Dental Nurses go on to greener pastures :-), and it was also the Owner of the Clinics Birthday! So I made them some cupcakes.. So can you answer the question? Do Dentists and cupcakes go well together?! Well.. In this case yes! They seemed to LOVE them :-)! YAY!!!

Remember to Brush your TEETH!!!!

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