Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hello Kitty Mini Tiered Cakes!

So it was a friend of mines daughters birthday so she asked me to decorated a cake for her. We toyed with some ideas and went back and forth and finally after seeing some very qute pictures of "mini-tiered cakes" I just had to give it a try! Her dughter loves Hello Kitty, but is also a dancer and loves ballet... so after much deliberation it was Hello Kitty that won. So These are small! So they were very difficult to make! Soo much detail needed. I learnt so much and definately want to make more mini cakes! It was definatly the first 5 tiered cake I have ever made! By the time I had finished the main cake I realised I had 4 more to do with only like 5 hours till the birthday party! But I somehow I pulled it off! Now excuse the quality of photos as it was late in the evening and there was definately no natural light to go by :-). Flash all the way!

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