Monday, 1 August 2011

EFY Blackburn Bike ride - Bicycle Cupcakes

So My husband Nick is the leader of this youth group in our church. Once every other year there is a huge convention for the youth that they all look forward to going to from the minuite the last one ends.. that's 2 years of waiting! Now the only problem is the price, it is very expensive to send just one.. so My husband decided to do a different kind of fundraiser. He and 2 other leaders organised a bike ride... not just any bike ride.. a 230 mile bike ride accross the lake district over 6 days. They all went out and found sponsors and then last monday set of on what was to become not just a fundraiser but a life changing experience. These guys had to push through some intense challanges. But that is exactly what they did. They pushed through and came out the better for it. 
If you want to take a look at their blog then here is the address . You can go on there and sponor or just read about what they are doing. The post about the actual bike ride will be up there shortly with videos and all.

So then there was the homecoming.
We organised a big homecoming party for them. With FOOOOD and a video of their journey and Certificates of completion etc. It was very fun! I ended up making some cupcakes with bicycles on them. They were vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and green coconut flakes.

Take a look!

In order left to right, Nick, Cameron, Lorenzo, Alden, Tim, Jordan. The 6 Hero's!

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