Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Ellie's Birthday Party - Barnyard Cake (without the Barn)

So My daughter turned 2 yesterday, and since we didn't have a party for her first (a combination of no money and realising that she wont remember it anyway) we decided to have a party for her this time around. So I was looking through some pictures of cakes to give me ideas, most of them were some sort of princess cake or fairy or something like that. Ellie has no idea what a princess is. So after MUCH thinking I came to the conclusion that it has to be some sort of animal cake. Initially I was going to make a big horse, as she loves horses (she is her mothers daughter after all). I decided however that I didn't want to make concentrate on one animal alone , as she really loves them ALL. So the conclusion was this. Two tiers, one Green, one Blue (Grass and Sky) with fencing all around it and grass and flowers and bugs and most importantly ANIMALS!

So I recently bought a couple of decorating tools making this cake a lot easier than it would have been otherwise. For example the flower plungers, some piping nosels,  a no stick board and rollingpin. I am still learning, there are so many things that i see wrong with this cake, but I am still happy with it. It doesn't matter how many youtube videos I watch on how to pit rolled fondant on a cake, I still get frills! So With every cake I make my goal is obviously to something better. At the moment we don't have the finances to pay for decorating classes, so Youtube is my BEST FRIEND! I recommend it to any aspiring cake decorator. I take what I learn from Youtube and adapt it to my own designs. It's GREAT!

Here is a picture of my wonderful family!

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