Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Babysitters Cupcakes!

My husband and I have not had a proper date in a very long time, so e decided to do just that. We called a friend in to babysit for us and then we went out for dinner, bowling and a movie. Because it was clear already from the beginning that we would be late(the movie started at 23:15!) I wanted to make sure that our Babysitters sweet-tooth was very happy! So I made her some cupcakes worthy of the lifesaver/nightsaver that she is! I made devilfoodcake cupcakes(mmmmm...) with vanilla frosting and Chocolate sprinkles. Personally I don't like chocolate on chocolate as it's way tooo much so I went for vanilla. It's a classic, and there should be no way that she wont like them. I am on a NO SUGAR diet at the moment.. when I mean no sugar, I mean NO SUGAR, or pasta. rice, bread or potatoes! so I couldn't even taste them, but hopefully they tasted as good as I thought they looked(or maybe they just looked good because I am having MAJOR withdrawl symptoms). There were a couple gone from the plate when we got home and she was pleased when I said I'd box the rest up for her. So all n all I think it was a success! Here they are! xx
I'll shortly be doing a post of cupcake toppers.. I have found a love for making them and am having so much fun. If there is any toppers you like then don't hesitate to message me for an order. I do any custom toppers, so don't hesitate to ask! xx

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