Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Drumkit Cake

Hi everyone!
Here is my newest creation! It was the most delicate cake I have ever made, because I don't have the proper dowling (definately on my wishlist) you could barely move it. I used straws(not smart I know) and yes, I am still learning from my mistakes!!!
The cake is for a friend who had a birthday and happens to be a very good drummer... so here is my first Drummerkit cake! The best part was probably to make a model of my friend as she has bright red hair and a fun sense of style! One of her favourite t-shirts is an elmo-T so had to incorporate that of course! She is a brilliant drummer as well! It was a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream with sugar paste details. A very classic tasting cake.  So here it is!

I think my favourite part was the elmo t-shirt!

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  1. men hjälp Jossan, du är ju hur duktig som helst!! Va kul att du också bloggar, det visste jag inte. Kul, då kan jag följa mina gamla club-creativo-kompis' skapande trots avståndet :) Kram till dig, tack för hälsningen på louisevis, blev så glad att höra från dig.