Monday, 11 July 2011

Metallic Purple Cake, Cupcakes and Cakepops

So this was my first attempt at Cakepops, and it was a messy affair. The first time I do anything though it is definitely not to perfection, so hopefully it will be a bit better next time. Still happy with the result. As was the girl who had ordered them. I had like 10 more cakepops but they fell on the floor and were not usable. It would have made my desired effect better though. But like I said, better next time.

P.s ... The cake inside is Red Velvet and it was my first attempt at it! It was very tasty... So all in all a success, but still room for improvement. This by the way is the cake that made her sister want one for her Sweet 16 from my last post, so I must have done ok at least.

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