Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Princess Cake #2


So this is my second princess cake now, and oh boy do you learn with every one :-)... This cake was for my wonderful niece who turned 8!!! It was a big day and the whole family was gathered to an amazing meal made by my sister-in-law Jane who is an amazing cook! My contribution was the cake and some cupcakes.

The cupcake toppers are made with royal icing and dried and sprayed with edible gold spray. The frosting is normal buttercream frosting. I think I might ahve broken their mixer making it :-(....
I used a star shaped tip to make them look like roses. It was the first time I did that but I thought it was quite fitting. If you look closely the crowns on the cupcakes are the same crown that is on the dolls head :-). I think I will make this one of my items on etsy! So keep your eyes open for them!

This is me on the righthand side talking to family and friends over the unsuspecting cake.. (she doesn't know her dress is about to get massacred!!! Muahahahahha (evil laugh) :-)

My daughter peering over the table... peepoe :-)!!!

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