Monday, 12 September 2011

Felicity's Baby Blessing!

Hi All!
So these aren't the most clear pictures, but I had to post them anyway as I had a lot of fun making these decorations.I Stress the fact that I can take no credit for the actual cakes them selves as it was my wonderful Mother-in-law that made them. She is this amazing cook and baker that I can't praise enough! Everything she makes tastes devine! So we thought e would thro our heads together and use her baking skills and my decorating skills and see what came out at the other end. Felicity is my husbands brother and his wife's new baby. If I wasn't already broody, then I can tell you that this little beautiful girl has definately sealed that deal. I am definately Broody!
So welcome to this world Felicity!

Marshmallow Cupcakes... You take a bite into them and they are filled with a soft Marshmalloy centre...mmm!

Carrot cake... Duh!

These ones are Red Velvet.. mmmm...

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