Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bake-on-Track (Excuse the Pun)

So I am back on track when it comes to baking, YAY :-)! FINALLY!
My husband and I have been VERY busy setting up our own Business and even though I have still been baking, the time has not quite stretched enough for me to sit down and share with you what I have done.

So I will be doing a little recap, as it's been a couple weeks since I did most of these cakes.
I made these cupcakes and sugarcookies in the shape of little babies, ducks and flowers(all covered with the appropriate coloured royal icing) for a friends babyshower. Unfortunately I was silly enough not to photograph the cookies, but they were very cute, I promise :-)! I'm still working on getting the knack of piping a perfect spiral for the cupcakes, I will get there eventually!

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