Saturday, 27 November 2010


My name is Josefine, but most people call me Joe.

Like most people when they start a blog I am doing this because I have an interest, an interest that I would love to document and share with others.

In my case it's Baking.

Fortunately for me(otherwise I would probably be the size of a house by now), my husband is diabetic, which means I don't bake very often. But the occasions that I do get...... I TAKE!

Just moved to Accrington in Lancashire England. I heard there was a baby shower for a lady in the church I attend, and hey presto I find myself baking cupcakes and sugarcookies till my kitchen looks like the third world war has hit... hence the name SLOPPY Joe.

I still have yet to get into diabetic baking. My wonderful sister who lives in Gothenburg sweden was wonderful enough to give me a cookbook about just that for my birthday(trust me that is definately more a gift to me than Nick my husband) together with a bag of Sukrin, a very expensive NATURAL sugar substitue. For those of you out there who are diabetic, Sukrin is basically sugar that does not, I repeat, does NOT affect your bloodsugar! It consists of Erythritol, which is a natural sugar substitute that can be found in grapes, pears and melons. It measures just like sugar and looks, feels and tastes just like it as well. It also has a zero GI value for those of you who follow that diet. If you are looking to get yourself some it is currently only sold in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany, But if you are desperate for some you can still order some online from Just follow the instructions.

I am very much looking forward to using it and will be posting the result here.

The cookbook is called "Bakgladje med LCHF" by Annika Rogneby.... unfortunately a swedish cookbook, and can not be found in english.. sorry...  LCHF can be, however! It stands for "Low Carb High Fat" it is an internationally known diet, that has revolutionised the way we think about diabetic diets and other dieting for that matter. Rather than bore you and explain it all here, look it up and have an open mind. When my husband has followed it, he has more than halfed his insulin intake! But if you don't want to read about it.. then it's all basically in the name... self explanitory really :-).

I am not a baking pro.

I am not a perfectionist.. or I am but a 1.4 yearold daughter has forced me out of that habit!

I WILL cut corners(for the same reason I'm no longer a perfectionist)... just so y'all know!

Now enough about me and on to some baking!


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